Core Exercises for Postpartum Runners

core exercises for postpartum runners

As a physiotherapist and a new mum, I’ve been on both sides of the room when it comes to postpartum core strengthening. I’ve prescribed exercises and told many of my clients just how vital it is for them to strengthen their core before resuming running. But, I’ve also personally struggled with the sleep deprivation and fatigue that comes with keeping a newborn alive.

I know that “exercise time” as a mum seems to get lost to the chaos of the day, and making it out of the house to go to the gym can be near impossible.

But strengthening your core postpartum really is important, especially if you want to get back to running.

That’s why my philosophy for postpartum strengthening is to keep things as quick and simple as possible. You don’t need to go to the gym – bodyweight training is perfect, and you don’t need to do hour-long workouts – 10-15 minutes daily will get you great results!

I created my online postpartum rehab program because I know that getting to regular physio appointments isn’t easy, but having a structured postpartum rehab program is important.

My 12-week online program includes hundreds of home exercises structured into short daily workouts that you can fit in during nap times.

To give you a taste of the exercises in the program, here are four of my favorites!

*please note that some of these might not be appropriate for women early on in the postpartum period (or women who haven’t done a lot of core strengthening yet).

Leg Lifts Off Chair

12 reps each side

Wall Press Squats

12 reps each side

Knee Side Plank with Leg Lift

12 reps each side

Tall Plank Leg Sweeps

12 reps each side

Alina Kennedy

Alina Kennedy

Founder and lead Physiotherapist behind The Runners Physio.

Alina is a physiotherapist and strength & conditioning specialist from Adelaide, South Australia. She graduated from the University of South Australia in 2011 and has over 10 years experience as a sports physiotherapist focusing on running performance and injury rehabilitation.

In 2016, Alina started The Runners Physio with a mission to give runners better access to injury prevention and treatment options online. Her simple but effective approach to injury rehab has successfully helped thousands of runners overcome injury and get back to running faster and healthier.

As a keen runner and new mother herself, Alina knows all too well the challenges of running postpartum (and the joy of getting out of the house and moving your body!). She’s passionate about sharing her knowledge with other postpartum runners and helping women return to the sport they love while staying injury-free.