Get Back to Running Postpartum

A 12-Week Physiotherapy Program

A physiotherapy program to help you rebuild core strength and return to running postpartum

The Running Postpartum Program Includes:


A Structured 12-Week Physio Exercise Program


Over 100 Targeted Postpartum Core Exercises


Detailed Video Tutorials for Each Exercise


Weekly Progressions and New Workout Routines


Comprehensive Return To Running Guide


Unlimited Physiotherapy Support


$7.99/week (USD)

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Preview Exercises

Here are a few of our favourite postpartum exercises. Inside the program there are tons more!

Tabletop Leg Lowers

12 reps each side

Couch Bridge with Band

12 reps 

Plank with Knee Lifts

30 seconds

Here’s How It Works

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Once you sign up, you can access the online dashboard where you’ll find the complete program, all the workouts & exercises, helpful physio tips, and training guides.

Complete The Workouts

Each week you’ll get 3 new workouts. Each workout is 15-20 mins long and can easily be broken up into shorter chunks throughout the day (perfect to fit in during baby’s nap time!).

Progress to Harder Exercises

The program is designed to gradually build your strength with new & exciting exercises every week.

Get Back to Running

By the end of the program, you will be back out running confidently with a strong core and pelvic floor.

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Running Postpartum – Why Core Strength is Key

As every postpartum runner knows, your body undergoes a massive transformation during and after the birth of your new baby. This can translate to pain or discomfort when running or exercising. For experienced runners, what used to be an effortlessly light run around the block is now difficult, uncomfortable, and (for some) even painful.

If you are here seeking information about your postpartum pain when exercising or running, rest assured you are not alone: Many new mother runners report pain – typically felt on the outside of one or both hips, deep in the pelvis or buttocks and/or in the lower back, and many also report urine leakage (also known as stress urinary incontinence). Many mums also experience core weakness and abdominal separation.

These symptoms are not just unique to new mothers. Mums with older kids may also notice these symptoms while running. Nearly 38% of women still experience annoying symptoms like stress urinary incontinence or back pain years after giving birth.

But the good news is, physiotherapy, and in particular strengthening exercises can help! Lots of research shows that women who undertake a strengthening exercise program after the birth of their baby can reduce these postpartum symptoms and go back to running successfully and without pain.


When Can I Start This Program?

If you had a vaginal birth, you can begin this program 2 weeks after giving birth, or as soon as you feel comfortable. 

If you had a c-section birth, we recommend waiting 6 weeks before beginning this program.

When Can I Start Running Postpartum?

Just like every pregnancy is different, every woman’s postpartum journey is also unique. While exercise is great for your physical and mental health, there should be no rush to get back to your pre-pregnancy level of fitness.

Take your time during this recovery period. Listen to your body and consult with a trusted medical professional along the way.

Our recommendation is to wait until at least 12 weeks postpartum before heading out for your first run. 

However, before that 12-week mark, you can start preparing your body to ensure your return to running is safe! Strength training is the foundation for a healthy postpartum recovery and a safe return to running.

Why Is Running Postpartum Uncomfortable?

The uterus expands during pregnancy—it pushes on the abdominals, causing them to separate and weaken, while the weight of the growing baby increases the demand on the pelvic floor. The act of giving birth – especially vaginal birth – creates stress on the pelvic floor, which needs time to recover. These and other changes ultimately weaken the abdominals, creating a domino effect of symptoms, such as low-back, hip or pelvic pain.

As running physiotherapists, we now have a better understanding that a lot of running movement is generated from your core and hips and moves down. In other words, if your midsection is weak, you’re going to feel pain or discomfort in other areas of your body.

If you want to get back into running pain- and leak-free, we invite you to try our 12-week postpartum program specially designed to support you back into the sport you love so much.

What Equipment Will I Need? Will I Need Access to a Gym?

You won’t need access to a gym. Every exercise can be easily be done at home. You’ll need a foam roller (or a rolling pin wrapped in a towel if you don’t have one), a massage ball (or a tennis ball), a resistance band, a towel, and a step. If you don’t have these they can be found online or at major retailers at reasonable prices.

Who Is This Program Suitable For?

This program is specifically designed for postpartum women. 

It is vital that you have discussed your plans to begin running or return to running with a medical professional, and that you have received clearance to begin this program.

You should not begin running until at least 12 weeks after you’ve given birth. However, you may begin gentle core strengthening, like this program, from 2 weeks as long as you have clearance from a medical professional.

It is not suitable for women who are recovering from a traumatic injury or have had recent major surgery (not including C-Section). It’s also not suitable for anyone who is affected by mobility and fitness to an extent where they can’t get up or down off the ground, squat to a chair, or balance on one leg.

Do I Need Massage or Other ‘Hands-On’ Physio as Well?

In short, no. Scientific evidence shows that new mums recover best with a structured, progressive exercise rehabilitation program. Getting strong is your best path for recovery – whether you do that at home or with a local physiotherapist.

Of course, if you are currently receiving treatment such as massage or dry-needling and find that helps your pain, that’s great! Keep going to those appointments and use this program as your exercise rehabilitation to boost your recovery.

Will you incorporate my baby in the training program?

Yes! Your baby can be an excellent “resistance” weight and he or she will no doubt provide many smiles and giggles to encourage you in your efforts. Our exercises will incorporate your pram (a perfect resistance training tool) and can be done around nap times or any time that works for you and your bub.

Can I Try The Program for Free?

Yes. When you sign up, you won’t be charged for the first week. You can start training and complete the first week of the program for free! 

Does the Program Account for Different Fitness Levels?

Yes. Its structured in a way that accommodates varying pre-birth fitness levels but will gradually build and progress over the program. At first we will address your foundational strength, something critical for both beginners and advanced runners because it examines good movement and correct form, and then gradually grows to more challenging exercises.

How Does Payment Work?

The Postpartum Rehab Program is $7.99 a week!

That means the total 12-week program costs $95.88.

After 12 weeks you will automatically graduate from the program and no longer be billed (no hidden subscription costs!). But if you would like more time, you can request additional weeks at the same rate.

You can cancel (and stop paying) at any time.

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Access the first week of the program for free! No credit card needed.