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We are running-specialist physiotherapists committed to making injury rehab accessible to runners all over the world. There’s no more need to physically visit a physiotherapist every week to get top-quality care! With The Runners Physio, you get complete treatment plans on your phone so you can do your rehab in the comfort of your home.

physiotherapy for runners

Running Injury Rehab Programs

We have specially developed physiotherapy programs supporting many different running injuries. Each program is structured with week-by-week rehab plans, hundreds of at-home exercises, and unlimited physiotherapy support.

physiotherapy for runners

Low Back Pain

piriformis syndrome

it band syndrome

Calf Pain

Postpartum Running

We have created a ‘baby steps’ strengthening program especially for mums returning to running or wanting to try running for the first time. All the workouts are low impact and focus on rebuilding the core & pelvic strength you need to get back to safe, injury-free running.

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Physiotherapy for Runners On Your Phone

We get that running rehab needs to be practical, accessible and portable. Our online DIY physio programs mean that you can access your exercises anywhere, do them in the comfort of your home and fit them in around your schedule.

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Physiotherapy for runners

Why Us?

1. We are physiotherapists dedicated to bringing you real, evidence-based, practical information that works for runners of all levels – beginners, weekend warriors, wanna-be marathoners, and everyone in between.

2. We are runners ourselves and share your love of running. We get your runner’s mind and your need to be healthy, strong, and appreciative of each run. We are here for you as you progress to run faster or for longer distances and will celebrate the milestones in both your short-term and long-term journeys, and set you up for a lifetime of running.

3. Our programs and advice are backed by research and robust evidence, as well as years of clinical experience.

4. We are committed to bringing the benefits of physiotherapy & strength training to runners all over the world, no matter their fitness level, experience, or body type.

5. We understand that getting to see a physio on a regular basis can be expensive and time-consuming – we want to make it more accessible to everyone.

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