Essential Strength

Injury Prevention Program

A structured strength training program for runners that’s proven to reduce injuries and improve performance

strength training for runners

What’s Included in The Strength For Runners Program?


New Workouts Each Week

Every week you will get two 20 minute strength training workouts PLUS a 15 minute stretching workout


video tutorials for every exercise

Each exercise includes a detailed, easy-to-follow video tutorial showing you how to perform the exercise with the correct form


Library of over 150 exercises

Your membership includes access to our full video exercise library of strengthening and stretching exercises for runners


physiotherapy support

Have questions about your training or a particular exercise? Easy! Contact our supportive, expert team any time.

Price: $7.99/week (USD)

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Strength Training for Runners


Physiotherapist Created

This isn’t just another online exercise program. The Strength For Runners program is developed by Alina Kennedy, a physiotherapist with over 10 years experience working with runners.


Workout at Home

You won’t need access to a gym or any fancy equipment! Every exercise in our program can easily be done at home with just a resistance band, foam roller, and a massage (or tennis) ball.


Adapt Your Workouts

We include exercise variations in our workouts. If you’re a beginner, you can choose the easier version of an exercise and still get a great workout. Once you’re stronger, you can progress to the harder versions.


Fit It Into Your Routine

Our workouts are quick and easy – 15 to 20 minute sessions that can easily be done after a run or on your rest day.


Workout Anywhere, Anytime

Everything you need right there on your phone. No need to download or print PDFs or complicated plans. Simply log in to our online dashboard and access your workouts.

Strength for Runners

Free Preview Workouts



Who Is The Runners Physio?

runners physio

Alina Kennedy, Founder & Lead Physiotherapist

The Runners Physio was founded in 2016 by Alina Kennedy, a physiotherapist and keen runner. 

The Runners Physio started with the goal of providing runners more convenient access to high-quality physiotherapy rehab and exercise programs. By giving runners access to the same physiotherapy treatment online that they could get in-person meant more runners could access quality care and continue seamless treatment around their busy schedules of work, family and life events.

Since 2016, we have been fortunate to build a community of passionate runners and health professionals all around the world. However, our goal has remained the same – we are here to give runners easy access to high-quality physiotherapy that allows them to continue running past injuries, as well as provide runners with the strength training programs they need to prevent setbacks and perform at their best.

Strength Training for Runners

What Other Runners Say

I take comfort in knowing that I’m getting the best quality information from The Runners Physio because Alina is a Physiotherapist who has significant training and expertise in designing exercise programs for runners and active people. The exercises are easy to follow and nicely complement the other sports I do. The videos demonstrate great technique and guide me in doing the exercises at home, at the gym, or even outside.

Lindsay Van der Meer

I am LOVING the workouts, thank you so much for this program

Andrea Doney

I did the strength training plan and found it really useful – I feel I’m running much stronger now so thank you!

Ruth Walker

Thank you for this program. I like that it is structured with progression and with a balance on all relevant muscle groups.

James Marin

Excellent online strength course for runners. Great videos explaining the movements and principles. Very well rounded and the workouts change each week to give you variety.

Tony Moy

Loved this program! The strength workouts have been a great addition to my training and really improved my running. I ran my 5th half marathon last weekend and PR’d 8 minutes!

Hannah Ward

Stop Getting Injured!

Did you know that up to 80% of runners deal with an injury every year?

Did you also know that most of these injuries can be avoided?

Most running injuries are caused by simple training mistakes like running too often, having too many repetitive workouts, and not strength training enough.

The Strength Training for Runners program will reduce your injury risk by giving you the most effective exercises you should be doing as a runner. Let’s face it – most gym programs aren’t designed for runners, and while building up your general strength and conditioning is great, as a runner you need a specific type of strength and stability in order to run long distances without getting hurt.

Our program is unique and works by helping you:


build strength in all your core and glute muscles


improve balance and single-leg stability


fix muscle imbalances and asymmetries


develop power in your calves, hamstrings and glutes (the muscles that make you run faster)


recover better with effective stretching and release exercises

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