Postpartum Rehab

Stage 1: Weeks 1-4


Hi Mama, Welcome to the Postpartum Program!


  • Consult with your doctor – We recommend all postpartum mamas consult with their doctor before starting any exercise program. If possible, it’s also great to see a pelvic floor physiotherapist who can give you clearance to begin exercises.
  • Prepare the equipment  All the exercises in this program can be easily done at home. The only equipment you will need is a:
    • foam roller
    • resistance band
    • massage ball (or tennis ball)
    • small step and,
    • couch/chair


In stage 1 we will focus on basic core and glute activation. Please take your time with each exercise, go slow, and aim to engage the correct muscles.

Even if you were fit and active before pregnancy, regaining good core strength postpartum will take time. You might find that initially, you’ll struggle to feel the muscles engaging. My advice is to have patience and be consistent with the workouts. Don’t push your body to do harder exercises until you master the basics.

The exercises in stage 1 might seem really simple, but they are essential in building a good foundation of core strength to support your spine and pelvis for running in the future.


We don’t recommend running before 12 weeks postpartum but if you are ready to start then this strengthening program will help you return to running and avoid injuries.

Once you start running, you should not have any pelvic, abdomen, or back pain. If your runs feel comfortable, slowly increase the distance gradually each week. You can find a sample training plan in our postpartum e-book.

Workouts Complete:

Week 1

Workout 1.1

Equipment: Towel & Chair

Start Workout

Workout 1.2

Equipment: Chair

Start Workout

Workout 1.3

Equipment: Towel

Start Workout

Week 2

Workout 2.1

Equipment: Foam Roller & Chair

Start Workout

Workout 2.2

Equipment: Towel & Resistance Band

Start Workout

Workout 2.3

Equipment: Chair & Resistance Band

Start Workout

Week 3

Workout 3.1

Equipment: None

Start Workout

Workout 3.2

Equipment: Resistance Band

Start Workout

Workout 3.3

Equipment: Chair, Band & Step

Start Workout

Week 4

Workout 4.1

Equipment: Foam Roller & Band

Start Workout

Workout 4.2

Equipment: Towel

Start Workout

Workout 4.3

Equipment: Chair & Resistance Band

Start Workout