Half Marathon

Running & Strength Training Program

A physiotherapist-developed running and strength training program designed to help you run your best (or first) half marathon injury-free.

A better way to train for your half marathon.

Training for a half marathon isn’t just about running further and further until you can run 21km (although many half marathon training programs have you doing just that).

While building the necessary aerobic fitness is essential, if you want to feel confident and healthy at the start line and through the race, you need to develop your overall fitness and athleticism. That means you can’t just focus on long-distance running. You also need anaerobic fitness, muscular strength, and resilience in your tendons, ligaments, and joints. 

The reason why so many runners get injured training for a half marathon is that they focus only on getting their mileage up and so they run too often, too fast, and don’t include enough variety in their training.

The better way to train for a half marathon is with a mix of different workouts – slow runs, interval runs, tempo runs, hill repeats, cross-training, strength training, and occasionally stretching and foam rolling.

It’s this variety in a carefully structured plan that leads to half marathon success.

THIS half marathon program will guide you through a full 12-week training cycle with 3 (varied) runs each week, a cross-training session, 2 strength training sessions, and a stretching workout.

Try it and see for yourself how this way of training will get you crossing the finish line faster and feeling stronger and healthier than ever better. 

Choose Your Plan

PDF Program



  • Comprehensive DIY training program
  • Detailed guide on what workouts to include and how to pace each run
  • 3 varied runs per week
  • 1 weekly cross-training workout
  • 2 weekly scheduled strength sessions

Strength Training



  • 12 Week PDF training plan
  • Online strength training program with videos
  • 2 Strength workouts per week
  • 1 Stretching/Recovery workout per week
  • Detailed videos for every exercise
  • Access to our complete exercise video library (over 150 running-specific exercises)
  • Unlimited Physio Support

Custom Running Plan & Strength Program



  • Customized running plan created in Vdoto2 (connected with your running watch and Strava)
  • 12-week online strength training program
  • 2 Strength workouts per week
  • 1 Stretching/Recovery workout per week
  • Detailed videos for every exercise
  • Access to our complete exercise video library (over 150 running-specific exercises)
  • Unlimited Physio Support

Don’t Get Injured Before Your Half Marathon

Did you know that up to 25% of runners withdraw from half-marathon races due to injury?

Most running injuries are avoidable and caused by simple training mistakes. Errors like running too often, having too many repetitive workouts, and not strength training enough are the most common reasons runners get injured.

We’ve created a program that will reduce your injury risk by giving you the most effective exercises you should be doing as a runner in preparation for a half marathon.

Most online half marathon training programs focus only on running – and feature the same type of running workouts several times per week – sometimes as often as 5 or 6 days a week. But running that often, especially at a consistent pace, is very taxing on the body and significantly increases your risk of getting injured.

Our program is unique. We don’t just tell you how many miles you should run each week. Instead, we:


give you a variety of different running workouts each week (intervals, tempo, fartlek, hills and long runs)


incorporate a mix of running, cross-training, strength training and stretching workouts


gradually increase training load and have strategic recovery weeks


include a structured strengthening program - focusing on core and leg strength


guide you through stretching and foam rolling exercises to soothe sore muscles

runners physio

Alina Kennedy – Physiotherapist, Strength Trainer & Running Coach

Who Is The Runners Physio?

Hi, I’m Alina Kennedy – aka The Runners Physio!

As a fellow runner, I get the hard work and dedication that goes into training and know that there’s nothing more frustrating than getting injured just as you’re making progress!

As a physio, I’ve worked with thousands of runners over the past decade and know that the key to being an injury-free runner is following a balanced training program and doing the right strengthening exercises – both in rehab and injury prevention.

My mission is to give you the tools to recover from injury quickly and become a more resilient athlete. I believe that with the support of good physiotherapy you can not only achieve your current running goals but also set yourself up to be a healthy runner for the rest of your life