Half Marathon Strength

12-Week Program

strength training for runners

What’s Included in The Half Marathon Strength Training Program?


24 Strength Workouts

2 workouts every week for 12 weeks. Each workout can be done at home and takes 15-20 minutes.


12 Stretching Workouts

Stretch and foam roll your tired muscles at the end of each week. Prevent injuries and help muscles recover quicker with our runner-specific stretching routines.


12-Week Running Plan

Along with the strength workouts, you’ll also be guided through various weekly runs designed to boost your fitness in preparation for the half marathon.


Access to Our Full Exercise Library

Over 100 running-specific exercises with detailed video tutorials. Want to try a new exercise? We’ve got it! Forgot how to do a specific exercise? Watch our videos!


Video Tutorials for Every Exercise

Each exercise includes a detailed, easy-to-follow video tutorial showing you how to perform the exercise with the correct form


Physiotherapy Support

Have questions about your training or a particular exercise? Easy! Contact our supportive, expert team any time.


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Half Marathon Strength Training

Program Benefits

Strength Training for Runners


Physiotherapist Developed

This isn’t just any Half Marathon Training Plan. This program has been thoughtfully developed by Alina Kennedy, a physiotherapist and coach with over 10 years of experience working with runners.


Variety of Workouts

The key to being an injury-free runner is having lots of variety in your training. This program guides you through not only running workouts, but also cross-training, strength training and recovery workouts.


No Gym Needed

You won’t need access to a gym or any fancy equipment! Every exercise in the program can be easily done at home with just a resistance band, foam roller, and a massage (or tennis) ball.


Workout Anywhere, Anytime

Everything you need right there on your phone. Simply log in to our online dashboard and access your workouts wherever you are.

Half Marathon Strength Training

What Other Runners Say

I take comfort in knowing that I’m getting the best quality information from The Runners Physio because Alina is a Physiotherapist who has significant training and expertise in designing exercise programs for runners and active people. The exercises are easy to follow and nicely complement the other sports I do. The videos demonstrate great technique and guide me in doing the exercises at home, at the gym, or even outside.

Lindsay Van der Meer

I am LOVING the workouts, thank you so much for this program

Andrea Doney

I did the strength training plan and found it really useful – I feel I’m running much stronger now so thank you!

Ruth Walker

Thank you for this program. I like that it is structured with progression and with a balance on all relevant muscle groups.

James Marin

Excellent online strength course for runners. Great videos explaining the movements and principles. Very well rounded and the workouts change each week to give you variety.

Tony Moy

Loved this program! The strength workouts have been a great addition to my training and really improved my running. I ran my 5th half marathon last weekend and PR’d 8 minutes!

Hannah Ward