Half Marathon

Customized Running Plan and Strength Training Program

Are you looking for a customized half marathon program that will sync with your running watch and/or Strava? Do you want guidance on how to fit different running workouts into your schedule and how to pace each run?

This Half Marathon training program designed by Alina Kennedy (physiotherapist, running coach, and strength trainer) gives you just that! Using the vdoto2 app, you will get a complete 12-week training plan that will be customized to your paces. It includes 3 runs per week of varying distances and paces, as well as 2 strength training workouts (with videos) and weekly stretching exercises.

Whether you’re training for your first half marathon or want to train at your peak without getting injured, this program will help you get to the start line feeling fit, strong, and confident to crush your goals!


What’s Included:

  • 12-week training program on vdoto2 (customized to your pace)
  • 3 running workouts per week
  • 2 strength training workouts per week (with videos)
  • Weekly stretching exercises
  • Unlimied physiotherapy support


one time payment

Ready to Start Training?

Here’s How it Works

1. Sign up by filling out the registration form

2. Get immediate access to the strength training program through our members portal.

3. Get an email with the details on how to register as an athlete on vdoto2

4. After you sign up to vdoto2 (it’s free), I will customize and upload your training program to your account within 24 hours

5. You will then be able to sync your training plan to your Garmin, Coros or Strava account and start following the program

6. If you have any questions at any stage of the setup or training we are always here to help via email or through the vdoto2 portal.

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