What Running Injuries Do You Treat?

Our programs support most common running injuries for feet, calves, ankles, iliotibial band, knees, lower back, hips and glutes. We provide expert support and rehabilitation for runner’s knee, piriformis syndrome, hamstring tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis, and many more injuries.

We also provide expert support for postpartum return to strength training and running.

How Do The Programs Work?

It’s just like having a physiotherapist on your phone! These programs follow the same treatment plan we give our patients in the clinic. But, rather than having to visit the physio weekly, you can follow the plan on your own at home at your own pace.

The programs guide you through short daily workouts. The exercises are specific to your injury and designed to heal the injury and get you back to running.

Every week the exercises will also change and progressively get harder. You will never be bored and will feel challenged every step of your recovery.

What Equipment Will I Need? Will I Need Access To The Gym?

No gym. Every exercise can be done at home. The equipment needed is a foam roller (or a pool noodle or a rolling pin wrapped in a towel if you don’t have one), a massage ball, a resistance band, a couch, a towel, and a step. If you don’t have these they can be found online at reasonable prices.

Can I Try The Programs For Free?

Yes! You can start the program and do the first week for free.

What About Massage and Hands-On Physio?

Research shows that injured runners recovery best with an active, exercise-based rehabilitation program. So hands-on physiotherapy or massage is not necessary to heal from your injuries.

But of course, if you like hands-on therapy and find it helpful it then we encourage you to see your local sports physio, and use our programs as your exercise rehabilitation to boost your recovery.

How Does Payment Work?

Access to each program costs $7.99 (usd) per week, after the free trial. 

Programs are 12 weeks long so the total program costs $95.88.

After 12 weeks you will automatically graduate from the program and no longer be billed (no hidden subscription costs!). But if you would like more time, you can request additional weeks at the same rate.

You can cancel (and stop paying) at any time.

All charges are in USD. If you reside outside the US, the current conversion rate is applied.