Early Postpartum Physiotherapy Program

   An expert physiotherapy program for returning to exercise safely after the birth of your baby

early postpartum

This Exercise After Birth program is designed for new mums in the first 8 weeks postpartum.

It’s a safe and gentle exercise program specifically designed to help support early postpartum recovery.

Developed by a physiotherapist, Alina Kennedy, this program focuses on rebuilding the foundations of good movement and strength for mums who want to return to exercise postpartum.

The 8-week program includes easy-to-follow exercise videos, detailed tutorials, a gradually progressing series of exercises, access to physiotherapy support, weekly check-ins, and more!

The exercise after birth program is just $5.99/week (AUD) and the first week is free!

The first 7 days are free. Cancel anytime.

When is it Safe to Start Exercise After Birth?

The first 8 weeks postpartum are a recovery period, no matter how you have given birth. Our shared focus during this time is to heal, to recover quickly and safely as well as to treasure this chapter with your newborn.

Gentle movement during the first 8 weeks is encouraged, to activate your muscles and encourage their movement and contraction. This might include some light core and pelvic floor strengthening which is likely to speed up your recovery and help to prevent longer term injuries. But high impact workouts, including running, should be avoided for the time being.

Early postpartum: A time to support your healing body

Pregnancy and childbirth are natural processes, but they can take a toll on our bodies. The medical term ‘trauma’ doesn’t refer to the emotional or psychological impact of childbirth (although these can be significant too!) but to the physical effects on the pelvic floor, abdominal muscles, lower back and diaphragm. As with any significant injury, or surgery in the case of a C-section, recovery starts with rebuilding a good foundation. 

If you would like to begin exercise after the birth of your baby, we encourage you to start with gentle movements of all the joints and muscles, focus on good core engagement and breathing exercises to soothe, enervate and heal your recovering body. 

In the early postpartum period, we believe that gentle support and healing of your pelvic floor and core takes precedence over toning, muscle building or regaining cardiovascular fitness. In this program, we’ll guide you through rebuilding the foundations of strength and stability gradually, without pressure to push yourself or strain your body in this early postpartum period. 

What Do You Get?

Exercise After Birth – 8 Week Physio Program


A personalised week-by-week physiotherapy plan


Over 30 safe and effective core, glute, back and breathing postpartum exercises


Easy-to-follow video tutorials for each exercise


Weekly progressions to more challenging exercises


Unlimited physiotherapy support


Physiotherapy advice and up-to-date information about exercise after birth

Rebuilding a Strong Foundation

Exercise After Birth – Early Postpartum Program

In the postpartum period, we are not focused on ‘getting back into pre-baby shape’ or acquiring a six-pack set of abs. Our focus is on the more important aspects of healing, nurturing, supporting and holistic care. 

In pregnancy and childbirth your lower back and pelvis undergo enormous stress and damage.  This is necessary for your baby. But once the baby is born you need to rebuild a strong and stable spine and pelvis in order to resume pain-free daily function, looking after your baby, keeping up with your children as they grow and staying as fit and healthy as possible.

We treat this postpartum chapter as a rehab phase and believe in building a solid foundation which will prevent injury and support an active lifestyle in the future.

c-section exercise

Vaginal Vs. C-Section Birth

Exercise After Birth – Early Postpartum Program

If you have had a pain assisted or unassisted vaginal birth your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles will have sustained enormous impact.

If you have given birth via C-section your surgical wound requires a lot of attention and time to heal. In both cases you will need time, expert care, support and a guided program to overcome the medical impacts to your body.

In both cases, you should talk to your doctor before signing up to this program. 

How Does This Program Work?

The Exercise After Birth program is an 8-week step-by-step guided physiotherapy program that you can do at home.

It’s designed by Physiotherapist Alina Kennedy and follows the same treatment schedule she prescribes for her postpartum patients in the clinic. 

The program includes a structured series of gentle mobility and strengthening exercises – specifically focused on restoring good movement, core & pelvic strength & optimizing postpartum recovery.

Every exercise includes a detailed video tutorial to help you confidently do each exercise on your own at home. 

low back pain rehab

Sample Exercises

A few of our favourites from the Exercise After Birth Program

Diaphragmatic Breathing

12 reps

Wall Plank Press

12 reps

Towel Squeeze Core Hold

30 seconds

Alina Kennedy

Alina Kennedy

Lead Physiotherapist at The Runners Physio

Learn From Running Injury Experts

The Runners Physio are leading running injury experts. Alina is a committed runner, trained physiotherapist and is deeply passionate about supporting fellow runners to regain and retain strength, endurance and a love of running.

We know first hand the frustration and pain that injuries cause, not just to your body but to your runner’s heart! We will work with you to get you up and running again safely and pain-free.


How soon after birth can I begin this program?

Most women can start this program as early as 1 week after the birth of their baby. Just check with medical professional first.  It’s a good idea to get the okay from a medical professional before commencing.


What Equipment Will I Need? Will I Need Access to a Gym?

No, you won’t need access to a gym. Every exercise can be easily be done at home. You’ll need a foam roller (or a pool noodle or a rolling pin wrapped in a towel if you don’t have one), a light resistance band, a couch and a towel. 

Will you incorporate my baby in the training program?

Yes! Your baby can be an excellent “resistance” weight and he or she will no doubt provide many smiles and giggles to encourage you in your efforts.

Can I try the program for free?

Yes! When you sign up, you won’t be charged for the first week. You’ll have access to the whole program and can look through everything, try it out and start the program.

Does the program account for different body types, methods of delivery and fitness levels?

Yes. We understand that the way you gave birth, your situation at home and your body type will have an impact on the way you recover after a birth. This program is structured in a way that accommodates all these aspects but will gradually build and progress over the program. 

How does payment work?

The Exercise After Birth program is $5.99 a week, and the first week is free!

That means the total 8-week program costs just $41.95 AUD.

After 8 weeks you will automatically graduate from the program and no longer be billed (no hidden subscription costs!) But if you would like more time, you can request additional weeks at the same rate. 

You can cancel (and stop paying) at any time. 

Prices are Australian Dollars and include GST.

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The first 7 days are free! Cancel anytime.

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