The 30-DAY Core & Glute Strength Challenge


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Run better, run longer, run towards the best version of you!

Stronger core and glute muscles are vital to protect your running form, enhance your physicality and help protect you from knee and ankle injuries, hip and back pain and lessen over-pronation of your feet.

Join us for a FREE 30-day program delivered by your phone, tablet, or computer. It’s been developed by expert physiotherapists, who are also passionate runners. The program can be done anywhere, and will suit any routine or schedule.

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Structured 15-Minute Daily Home Workouts


Over 40 Running-Specific Core & Glute Strengthening Exercises


Easy-To-Follow Video Tutorials and Detailed Explanations For Each Exercise


A Personalised Dashboard, Workout Plan and Progress Tracker

Core strength training for runners goes beyond some instagrammable tummy muscles: A stronger core can improve a runner’s form, speed, and prevent injuries.

Your core muscles connect your trunk, pelvis, spine, and hips to each other and to the rest of your body. Core and glute strength training helps ensure that your torso remains steady while you run. The core muscles stabilise and power your running action, and improve efficiencies between your limbs and the rest of your body, as well as to minimise friction and injury. Your glutes are your running powerhouse, powering your stride and your strike and getting you to your finish line faster and in better shape!

The goal is to strengthen your core, buttocks, and legs as well as stabilise your trunk area, freeing you up to become stronger, faster, and freer when you hit the road or trail!

Alina Kennedy

Alina Kennedy

Lead Physiotherapist at The Runners Physio

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